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Lingua Press

Complete Listing of Items Available from Frog Peak

Frog Peak/Lingua Press Collection Complete Catalog

Frog Peak Music (A Composers' Collective) is proud to announce the availability of the remaining copies of Kenneth Gaburo's Lingua Press editions. Frog Peak Music, in its efforts to perpetuate the tradition of American experimental music publishing and distribution, has acquired the Lingua inventory from the Gaburo estate, and will distribute all remaining copies of Lingua Press publications.

To encourage libraries, individuals, and institutions to help preserve this important chapter in the American experimental tradition, we are offering all Lingua scores, books and LP's at extremely low prices. We have also put together a number of special collections at large discounts.

The complete Frog Peak/Lingua Press Collection is available for $175 (including shipping to US orders; contact us for shipping costs overseas). Supplies are limited.

Contact Frog Peak for a complete list of all available material, or to order.




Lingua Press Complete Collection

Lingua Press Book Collection

Lingua Press LP Collection

Lingua Press Kenneth Gaburo Collection

Lingua Press Harley Gaber Collection


Andrus, Donald

Burt, Warren

DeOliveira, Jocy

Dunn, David

Gaber, Harley

Hibbard, William

Leibig, Bruce

Lewis, Peter Todd

Mann, Chris

Martirano, Salvatore

Paccione, Paul V.

Phillips, Burrill

Pierssens, Michel

Morgan Powell

J.K Randall

Richards, Eric

Scarvada, Donald

Segura, Eric

Shallenberg, Robert

Skei, Allen

Smith, Stuart

Sublette, Ned

Thomson, Virgil

A complete set of all the items in this catalog is $175 including shipping to US addresses (reduced from the individual catalog price of over $700).

Lingua Press Book Collection

Price: $40 (includes shipping in US only).

Includes Kenneth Gaburo: Whole Language Language...,Extraction, Murmur, C...Is, A Non-Scatological Set..., Allos; J.K. Randall, Something Medieval; Allen Skei, Musicology and Other Delights; Michel Pierssens, Literal Violence; Eric Segura, A View From the West; and Chris Mann, Chris Mann and Grammar.

The Complete Lingua Press Gaburo Collection

Price: $75 (includes shipping in US only).

Includes everything in this catalog by Gaburo.


Please note that these titles are in limited supply


Donald Ambrus

Warren Burt

Jocy DeOliveira

David Dunn and Kenneth Gaburo

Harley Gaber

Kenneth Gaburo

Note: Several of Gaburo's scores call for tape or slides, Frog Peak does not carry those materials. They are available directly from the Gaburo estate.


William Hibbard

Bruce Leibig

Peter Todd Lewis

Chris Mann

Sal Martirano

Paul Paccione

Michael Peirssens

J.K. Randall

Eric Richards

Donald Scarvada

Eric Segura

Robert Shallenberg

Allen Skei

Ned Sublette

Virgil Thomson