Frog Peak Music is an artist-run composers' collective dedicated to publishing and producing experimental and unusual works by its member artists, and is committed to the idea of availability over promotion. Frog Peak Music is a not-for-profit organization in which member artists determine the form and content of their own work.  

Lingua Press

Complete Listing of Items Available from Frog Peak



Frog Peak/Lingua Press Collection Complete Catalog

Frog Peak Music (A Composers' Collective) is proud to announce the availability of the remaining copies of Kenneth Gaburo's Lingua Press editions. Frog Peak Music, in its efforts to perpetuate the tradition of American experimental music publishing and distribution, has acquired the Lingua inventory from the Gaburo estate, and will distribute all remaining copies of Lingua Press publications.

The complete Frog Peak/Lingua Press Collection is available for $175. Supplies are limited.



Complete Frog Peak Music/Lingua Press Collection. All remaining items in the Lingua Press catalog, as listed below. Lin16. $175.


Complete Kenneth Gaburo Score Set. All available music scores by Kenneth Gaburo. Lin19. $45.


Complete Lingua Press Kenneth Gaburo Collection. All available works by Kenneth Gaburo. Lin06. $100.


Lingua Press Book Collection. Includes Kenneth Gaburo: Whole Language Language; Allos; J.K. Randall: Something Medieval;  Eric Segura: A View From the West; Chris Mann: Chris Mann and Grammar; David Dunn: Sky Drift.  Lin07. $45.


Lingua Press LP Collection. Includes Lingua Press: Interview with Bruce Simonds, May 1976 (includes classical piano pieces played by Simonds) ; Morgan Powell: Music for Brass. Lin08. $20.



Please note that these titles are in limited supply


Warren Burt

Nighthawk: I, 40 Theo-Rhetical Musical Statements. Solo performer.1973. Score. Brt16. $15. 


Other works by Warren Burt are available from Frog Peak Music; please see the Frog Peak catalog for details.


David Dunn

Sky Drift. Interviews relating to the performance and composition of Sky Drift, in the Anza Borrego Desert, California, in 1977. A sonic exploration of the performance site. Ten vocalists, sixteen instrumentalists, and four channels of electronic sounds. Book. Dun03. $15.


Other works by David Dunn are available from Frog Peak Music. Please see the Frog Peak catalog for details.


Harley Gaber

Chimyaku. Solo alto flute. Score. 1968. Limited quantities. Gab01. $15


Kata. Solo violin. Score. 1972. Gab02. $15


Ludus Primus: foreplay for 2 flutes and vibraphone. Score. 1966. Gab03. $15.



Kenneth Gaburo

Note: Several of Gaburo's scores call for tape or slides, Frog Peak does not carry those materials. They are available directly from the Gaburo estate.


Ad Te Domine. SATB a cappella choir. Score. 1958. Lin27. $5


Ave Maria. SATB a cappella choir. Score. 1965. Lin29. $5.


Cantilena One. Soprano. Score. 1951. Lin30. $5


Cantilena Four. Soprano and trombone. Score. 1975. Lin31.  $10.


Mass. Tenors and basses. Score. 1958. Lin35. $15.


Never. Four groups of male voices, tenors, baritones, basses. Score. 1966. Lin36. $5.


Psalm. SATB a cappella. Score. 1965. Lin38. $5.


Terra Tremuit. SATB a cappella choir. Score. 1967. Lin39. $5.


Humming. SATB. Lin33. $10.


Complete Kenneth Gaburo Score Set. All of the above. Lin19. $45.



Writings and Other Works

Allos. 41 Writers of 41 `Writings.' (Kenneth Gaburo, editor). Includes writings by 41 artists. Book. Lin01. $15.


Privacy One: Words Without Song. Booklet. Dedicated to Virgil Thomspon, 1976. Lin03. $10.


Whole Language Language, Book One: And. (1976-77). Book. Lin11. $10.


Dwell. A collection collecting of generative grammars. Lin13. $5.


Murmur. Part of paperplay mini-book series. Limited edition. Lin04. $15.



The Lingua Series

Dante's Joynte: Lingua 1. [Poems and Other Theaters] for six shouting voices, overhead amber spot, 16 mm film and 2 channel tape. Score. 1968. Lin20b. $15.


The Flight of the Sparrow: Lingua 1 Poems and Other Theaters. A composition for one actor and tape, or two actors. Score. 1970. Lin20f. $5




Lingua Press: Interview with Bruce Simonds, 1978. Interview with pianist Bruce Simonds with performances by Simonds of works by Chopin, Schumann, Ravel and Bach. Lin10. $15.


The Complete Frog Peak/Kenneth Gaburo Collection. All of the scores, writings and LPs listed above, by Kenneth Gaburo. Lin06. $100.



William Hibbard

Menage. Soprano, trumpet, violin. Score. Lin56. $15.



Bruce Leibig

Waking. Eight or more performers and instructors. Score. Lin51. $5.



Chris Mann

Chris Mann and Grammar. This beautifully produced collection of Mann's work was never officially "released" from Lingua Press, and is being offered here for the first time. 1990. Book. Lin02. $10.


Other works by Chris Mann are available from Frog Peak Music. Please see the Frog Peak catalog for details.


Salvatore Martirano

Cocktail Music For Piano. A classic solo piano work by this pioneering late American composer. Score. 1962. Lin49. $5.

Other works by Salvatore Martirano are available from Frog Peak Music. Please see the Frog Peak catalog for details.


Paul Paccione

Song From Catullus. High voice. 1977. Score. Pac17. $15


Other works by Paul Paccione are available from Frog Peak Music. Please see the Frog Peak catalog for details.


Morgan Powell

Music for Brass (LP). Includes Darkness II; Old Man; Inacabado; Music for Brass and Percussion; Loneliness. Performances by The Contemporary Chamber Players; produced by Morgan Powell. Recorded May, 1971.  Lin18. $15



J.K. Randall

Something Medieval. Book. Lin15. $10.



Eric Richards

the great bass. Solo violin. Score. 1972. Ric10. $15.


Rocks; Gardens. Trumpet and piano. Score. 1970. Ric11. $15.


Wingsets. Baritone solo, chorus and instruments. Score. 1973. Ric12. $15.


Other works by Eric Richards are available from Frog Peak Music. Please see the Frog Peak catalog for details.


Donald Scarvada

Groups for Piano. Score. 1959. Lin09. $5.


Matrix. Clarinet. Score. 1962. Lin17. $5.



Eric Segura

A View From The West. Numberplay. Book. 1991. Lin25. $10



Virgil Thomson

From "Sneden's Landing Variations." Voice and piano. Score. 1972. Lin47. $10.




LISTING BY COMPOSER (Items below are permanently out of stock. They are listed here as a reference.)

Andrus, Donald

Boretz, Benjamin

Brooks, William

Burt, Warren

Casselman, Barry

DeOliveira, Jocy

Dunn, David

Earl, George

Gaber, Harley

Gaburo, Kenneth

Lewis, Peter Todd

Martirano, Salvatore

Phillips, Burrill

Pierssens, Michel

Powell, Morgan

Randall, J.K.

Scarvada, Donald

Shallenberg, Robert

Skei, Allen

Smith, Stuart

Sublette, Ned



Donald Andrus

Imbrication. Two pianos, piano strings, and percussion. Score. 1967.  SOLD OUT!


William Brooks

Poempice I: whitegold blue. Score.  SOLD OUT!


Warren Burt

Aardvarks II. Solo piano. Score. 1971, revised 1973. SOLD OUT!


Barry Casselman

Language, A Magical Enterprise, The Body. Book. 1977. SOLD OUT!


Jocy DeOliveira

Days and Routes Through Maps and Scores. Book. 1983. SOLD OUT!


David Dunn and Kenneth Gaburo

Collaboration Two: Publishing as Ecosystem. Pamphlet. 1983. See under Gaburo, Kenneth. SOLD OUT!


Harley Gaber

Michi. Solo violin. Score. 1974. SOLD OUT! 

Postcard #1. Boxed sets. 1976. Art object. Signed and numbered boxed set. SOLD OUT! 

Scambio. Flute and piano. 1963, revised 1969. SOLD OUT! 

Voce II. Female voice, alto flute, percussion. Score. 1965.  SOLD OUT!


Kenneth Gaburo

C...Is. 1968-69. Part of paperplay mini-book series. Limited edition. Book.  SOLD OUT! 

The Music in Samuel Beckett's Play.  Part of paperplay mini-book series. Limited edition. SOLD OUT! 

A Non-Scatalogical Set Of Preliminary Remarks For NMCE IV. 1964. Part of paperplay mini-book series.  SOLD OUT! 

Extraction. Part of paperplay mini-book series. Limited edition. Book.  SOLD OUT! 

Beauty of Irrelevant Music. (linguistic composition). SOLD OUT!

Collaboration Two: Publishing as Ecosystem. Pamphlet. Gaburo, Kenneth/Dunn, David. 1983.  SOLD OUT! 

Collaboration One: Works Of Kenneth Gaburo. Illustrated art catalog. 1975.  SOLD OUT!

Lingua Press Collection Two Catalogue.  Illustrated art catalog. 1978.  SOLD OUT!

Alas: Alack. Women's chorus SA. Score. 1950. SOLD OUT!

Snow and the Willow. Score. SATB. 1950. SOLD OUT! 

The Flow Of U. Score, text, documentation. 1974.  SOLD OUT!

Laetentur Caeli. SATB a cappella choir. Score. 1966. SOLD OUT!

Privacy 2: My My My What A Wonderful Fall. Five dancers, text, four-channel tape and sculpted light. Score. 1974.  SOLD OUT!

December 8. Forty male voices. Score. SOLD OUT!

Antiphony II: 1962 Variations On A Poem Of Cavafy. Large SATB chorus, soprano solo, two channel tape. Score. 1967. $5 SOLD OUT! 

Antiphony III: Pearl White Moments. Chamber chorus, SATB, 2-channel audio tape. Poem by Virginia Hommell. 1963. SOLD OUT! 

Antiphony IV Poised. Piccolo, double bass, bass trombone, two-channel tape, voice and electronics. 1967. SOLD OUT! 

Antiphony VI: Cognito. String quartet, slides and tape. SOLD OUT!

Inside: Lingua 1 Poems and Other Theaters. Quartet for one double bass player. Score. SOLD OUT!

Maledetto: Lingua II. Composition for seven virtuoso speakers. Score. SOLD OUT! 

Mouthpiece: Lingua 1 Poems and Other Theaters. Sextet for solo trumpet, and three slide projectors. Score. 1970. SOLD OUT! 

Poesies: Lingua 1 Poems and Other Theaters. Seven (or more) humans and tape. Score. 1965. SOLD OUT! 

Line Studies. Flute, clarinet, viola, trombone. 1957. Score.  SOLD OUT! 

String Quartet, 1956, In One Movement. Score.  SOLD OUT!

Stray Birds. Soprano and piano. 1972. 5 Score.  SOLD OUT!


Virginia Gaburo

Notation. Score.  SOLD OUT!


Earl George

musc, when soft voices die. SATB. Score.  SOLD OUT!


Peter Todd Lewis

Collected Chips Off the Old Block, Volume 1. Scorebook. 1960-77. SOLD OUT! 

Collected Chips Off The Old Block, Volume 2. Piano. Scorebook. 1960-77. SOLD OUT! 

Collected Chips Off The Old Block, Vol. 3 Piano. Scorebook. 1960-77. SOLD OUT!


Burrill Phillips

The Recesses of My House. Soprano, clarinet, percussion, piano. 1977. Score.  SOLD OUT!


Salvatore Martirano

Stuck on Stella. Solo piano. Score. 1962. SOLD OUT!


Michael Peirssens

Literal Violence. Part of paperplay mini-book series. Limited edition. Book.  SOLD OUT!


Morgan Powll

Music for Brass Quintet and Percussion. Score.  SOLD OUT!


J.K. Randall and Benjamin Boretz

Double Issue. Such Words As It Were Vain To Close by Randall; my chart shines high where the blue milk upset by Boretz. Score. SOLD OUT!


Donald Scarvada

Sounds for Eleven. Score. 1961. SOLD OUT!


Robert Shallenberg

Lilacs. SATB a cappella chorus. Score. 1967. SOLD OUT! 


Allen Skei

Musicolgy and other Delights. Part of paperplay mini-book series. Limited edition. Book.  SOLD OUT! 


Stuart Smith

Flight. Score.  SOLD OUT! 


Ned Sublette

Embarussaments. Four speaking voices. Score. 1974. SOLD OUT!